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The $79.00 Bahama 5 Day 4 Night Cruise & Stay Blog

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Now, I’ve got a lot of details to go over with you, I’m going to give you some information about the vacation and about I’m also going to give you a web page that you can go to and get information specific about this trip and be able travel on it. I wish I could speak to everyone personally, but unfortunately I can’t , you’re going to want to take somebody on the vacation with you and I’d want to go over the details with them, so I figured this Blog would be the next best thing. So I apologize for the in formalness upfront, but I think it’s going to work out great for everybody.

So you get a 5 Day 4 Night Bahamas cruise and stay getaway for two. The vacation features cruise passage for 2 aboard the Discovery cruise ship. Now, the cruise departs from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl so you are responsible for getting you and whoever is traveling with you down to Ft. Lauderdale some time in the next 18 months when you’re ready to start your vacation. All the meals and entertainment are included aboard the cruise ship. On the ship you can enjoy high action casinos, a movie theater, live entertainment, games, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, sundecks; there’s plenty to enjoy on the ship. The cruise takes about 6 – 7 hours to get all the way out to Grand Bahama Island, and it’s a nice cruise ship; it’s a 1200 passenger ship and it has 8 decks.

You also get 5 days and 4 nights hotel accommodations right there in the Port Lucayan area of Grand Bahama Island. Which Port Lucaya is like a really big deal down there. You’re going to be staying at the Bell Channel Hotel, and I really think your going to be excited about staying here. Now, I chose the Bell Channel Hotel because it’s in a great location on the island. The Bell Channel Hotel has a restaurant and lounge and all rooms are waterfront right on the Bell Channel. They have dive excursions that leave right from the property every day and across the channel is Count Basie Square and the Port Lucayan Straw Market. There are upgraded accommodations that are available upon request.

Count Basie Square and the Port Lucayan straw market is only about a 15 minute walk from the Bell Channel Hotel. This is my favorite spot on the entire island and there’s so much to do. There are a lot of shops and restaurants and they also have free nightly entertainment. If you like to gamble this place has the most incredible beach front casino The Isle of Capri. This is just a beautiful part of the island. The Our Lucaya Westin and Sheraton Beach Golf Resort is located right across the street from the Port Lucayan straw market so you can go over and enjoy one of the resorts 14 restaurants or beautiful beaches. They have 5 swimming pools, entertainment, calypso bands, this place is incredible. All this is about a 15 minute walk away from the Bell Channel Hotel so you’re just in an excellent location.

Now, we’re also taking care of your moonlit dinner cruise on the return trip. This is a beautiful time to be out on the ocean and watch the sun set and then enjoy a great dinner and maybe go dancing or just relax to unwind at the end of your great vacation. So we’re taking care of all that for 2 people.

Now you’re still going to be responsible for your normal traveling expenses on your trip like your drinking, your gambling, tips, hotel taxes, port fees, departure fee and homeland security fee, stuff like that, is still going to be your responsibility of course.

Now I want to go over a few terms and conditions:
There are no blackout periods whatsoever. Now this means you can travel anytime during the year. You don’t have to go just during off-season.
This vacation has absolutely nothing to do with timeshare. So you don’t have to worry about going down there and having to sit through some type of sales presentation or some goofy sales gimmick.

This promotion is based on double occupancy. Now that means you get to take somebody else on this vacation with you as well. Also you don’t have to know who the second passenger is until you are actually ready to set your travel dates.

You have 18 months to take the trip. So you have plenty of time and you don’t have to worry about trying to set your dates anytime soon. You do not need to know who is going on this vacation with you until you are ready to set your travel dates. You have a full year and a half to schedule the vacation whenever you’d like.

You do need to allow a 60 day advance notice prior to leaving for them to book your trip.

At the time you’re traveling you’re going need to make sure you have Proper Proof of citizenship. At this time US citizens do need a Valid US passport if they are 16 years of age and up. If you do not have a passport you must acquire one before travelling on this package.

This vacation is 100% transferable, so you can give it as a gift to a friend or family member at any time in the next 18 months if you’d like and there’s no transfer fee. Vacation Promotions is registered with the state of Florida. Travdazzle-Vacation Promotions also is a state certified seller of travel here in the state of Florida.

Ok, just to be clear, you get cruise to and from the Bahamas, all of the meals and entertainment aboard the cruise ship, 5 days and 4 nights’ hotel accommodations at the Bell Channel, and moonlit dinner cruise on the return trip. You have a year and a half to go whenever you like and they are taking care of all that for 2 people.

The registration fee is only $79.00. This is Low cost promotion that will be over shortly you must register in order to secure you spot. As time passes your cost will not go up but there's definitly will.... So Take Advantage like i did!

And then as I’ve stated earlier, you’re still going to be responsible for your normal traveling expenses on your trip, like any drinking, gambling, tips, activities on the island, and your port and service fees.

I’m going to go ahead and tell you a little bit about that, in case you’ve never been on a cruise or you’ve never left the country before. Government Port taxes are paid anytime you leave the country and cannot be paid for by any Travel Agency. This includes your port taxes, Bahamian Departure Fee, your docking charges and your Homeland Security fee. Now all this adds up to $139.00 per person, but you don’t have to pay this until you’re ready to set your travel dates within 18 months. But then once you’re in the Bahamas, everything you buy down there is duty free and tax free. This is how they’ve set up their taxing system down there. You pay a port tax to get into their country, but then you don’t pay a sales tax on each item you buy down there like you do here. Every time you buy an item, or go to a restaurant, or you purchase a drink here in the states, you pay individual sales tax or liquor tax on it; down there you don’t pay any sales tax or liquor tax on anything. Everything you buy down there is duty free and tax free but you pay a port tax to get into their country. Anyway that’s their system.

I would like to say each year I take this vacation it gets better and better. Each year we get stacks of postcards we send to people who we feel are missing out on going to Grand Bahama by only paying an administration charge and port fees.

I absolutely love the Bahamas. I love the beaches, the calypso music, the people, the carefree way of life, I have no doubt this trip is great, and made me feel so lucky. Cruise there and back, meals on the ship and hotel accommodations for 5 days 4 nights for a $79.00 administration fee!

I hope I’ve given you a good decription about the trip. Feel free to e-mail me as many times as you wish, and if you already know who is going on the vacation with you, I would recommend having them read this Blog also. But remember you don’t have to decide who is going on this vacation with you until you are ready to book your dates. Please Feel Free to comment on the explination and your questions. Have a Great day!

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